Mini Virtual Performances

What are the IPO Musicians up to?
Enjoy these interesting videos from our IPO Musicians!

IPO Principal Cellist Jake Hanegan performing Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night).

IPO Bassist Alison Gaines explains the origins of her instrument and demonstrates bass repertoire.

IPO Timpanist Simón Gómez Gallego practicing on his makeshift ironing board timpani while his cat keeps him company.

IPO Cellist Ingrid Krizan presents a twist on the traditional cello repertoire.

IPO Principal Horn Lee Shirer makes prosthetics by day and plays french horn by night. See a virtual tour of his workshop and hear him play the french horn.

IPO Principal Keyboardist Marilyn Bourgeois performs Debussy’s “Reflets dans l’eau”.

IPO Timpanist Simón Gómez Gallego shows how he wraps his mallets for a concert.

Curious about the mallets? It takes Simón about one hour to make his mallets and he has to make new ones every two months. Making his own mallets helps Simon control what kinds of sounds he can produce.

Enjoy IPO Keyboardist Marilyn Bourgeois performs Brahms Intermezzo, Op. 119, No. 3.

Johannes Brahms composed more than twenty short pieces for piano during the years 1892-1893. He gave these pieces titles such as “Intermezzo,” “Capriccio,” “Ballade,” and “Rhapsody”. These beautiful pieces have been played by pianists and enjoyed for over 100 years. In the words of the renowned Brahms biographer Jan Swafford, “They lie in the tradition of miniatures by Schumann and Chopin, two masters Brahms knew as both performer and editor.”

Enjoy IPO Keyboardist Marilyn Bourgeois performs Brahms Capriccio, Op. 116, No. 3.